Bay Street Bias

Being a woman working in the financial sector isn’t a walk in the park.

People will intentionally put up barriers to hinder your success.

Hear how this is happening right here in Toronto on our beloved Bay Street.

Being Stereotyped

People get stereotyped every day.

Listen to these four Torontonians talk about times they were stereotyped.

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Confronting Our Stereotypes

Everyone has stereotypes about others, whether we like to admit it or not.

Talking about them is hard though.

Listen to these four Torontonians talk about times they stereotyped others.


As a systems integrations engineer with multiple reports, this man immigrated to Canada from Indian in search of opportunity after he was discriminated against for being blind.

Here is his story…

Life As A Person of Colour

Hear five Toronto-based people of colour share their experiences, answering questions like:

“What is it like to walk through the world as a person of colour?”

“What are the experiences they have on a daily basis?”


Our identifies are complex and so privilege appears differently for everyone.

It’s also uncomfortable to talk about, so we need to push through and have these difficult conversations.

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